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“Everyday is a Good Day”


         Everyday Tiger lives and breathes by this slogan. We view the world with optimism regardless of the circumstances. Like tigers who reside atop the food chain, we embrace challenges and do not recognize fear. We are highly adaptive to our constantly evolving environment. We are apex predators that control our destiny.  


         Everyday Tiger embodies our creative passion fused with our unyielding spirit even during times of uncertainty. We are committed to providing unparalleled entertainment by developing exciting projects. Our digital assets and web3 content create an engaging experience like no other. Our energy is contagious; we have so much stories to share. 









Chenmen, Co-Founder and CEO

Chenmen is the CEO for a manufacturing and tech firm that has operations in several South East Asian Countries. As a leader of a multinational company, he thrives in a rapidly evolving business environment. His multi-disciplinary approach allows him to excel in a highly competitive industry. His true passion lies in design and has a deep appreciation for art. His prowess in strategic management and planning creates the very foundation for the Everyday Tiger Concept. 

P-Loz, Co-Founder and CFO

With a background in financial management, P-Loz is involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures ranging from crowdfunding, importation, distribution, logistics, and real estate. He is heavily invested in cryptocurrency, NFT gaming and numerous blockchain projects.


Wina AKA Mrs. Meat, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Mrs. Meat is a marketing visionary whose expertise lie in strategic marketing management. She has held numerous executive positions in the hotel industry and served as Marketing Head and OPEX for Hotel W Taipei. As an entrepreneur, she manages her own PR communications & consultancy firm and has launched a successful chain of restaurants. She leaves no stones unturned, intrigued by the thrill of the chase…Always Hungry, Always Eating…


Mrs. Chen, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development 

Prior to kickstarting Everyday Tiger, Mrs. Chen has served as head of e-commerce division and marketing director for leading companies in Asia while serving as an independent consultant for SMEs with a focus on developing brand identity. She is known to us as Half Chen, Half Amazing.


Tech Daddy, Software Engineering Lead

With an extensive skillset ranging from software, game, and web3 design and development, Tech Daddy is the architect behind our tech infrastructure. He leverages his background in industrial design to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functional dynamics. 


Nth, Creative Director

With over a decade of experience in web design management for numerous multinational design and tech companies, Nth brings his talent, passion and dedication to spearhead our design projects. He coordinates activities between the design and tech teams from conceptualization to implementation.

Blackbeard, Head of Design

An art wizard, Blackbeard has a multitude of experience in creating concept art for several design projects ranging from illustration, marketing content to gaming assets for domestic and multinational organizations. He is our principal designer for our NFT collections, illustrations, and digital assets. 

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