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Our Story!

         Inspired by the diversity of individuals across the world, Everyday Tiger represents global citizens from all walks of life. With a meticulously crafted collection of 10,000 pieces, Everyday Tiger resonates to a universal audience. Each NFT will provide the owner with utility and special benefits within our ecosystem. 

         Everyday Tiger is more than just an NFT art collection, as our community establishes a unique presence in the Web3 landscape. The Everyday Tiger Metaverse combines NFT art making and Blockchain Technology with traditional content such as comics, animation, gaming, and merchandising to create an immersive experience. We will explore ventures that showcase the Everyday lifestyle, ultimately uplifting and creating value for our expanding community.





        「兩隻佬虎」不只是數碼藝術作品,我們有更多的計畫將逐一實現建構在Web3 互聯網上,透過區塊鏈科技,「兩隻佬虎」元宇宙將結合NFT提供漫畫、動畫、遊戲、商品等全方位的娛樂服務;結合更多至同道合的夥伴,提升創造更高的價值、擴大經營我們的社群。

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